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Have your say on improving education

By Larry Malan

Knowing your kids are going to be able to access a great education is a real advantage for anyone moving into real estate in Robina – and the good news is you can now have your say on the system.

The Queensland state government has put forward its 30-year vision for education in the region and is now asking people to get involved and discuss their views.

Over the next three months, the draft strategy will be open to public scrutiny, so if you have any strong views on the subject, be sure to make them known.

Minister for education, training and employment John-Paul Langbroek said the first version revealed some interesting ideas on what the future should hold for the sector.

Mr Langbroek noted: "During the consultation process Queenslanders told us that students need to be globally aware and have broader language and cultural competencies than at present.

"At the same time community feedback stressed the need for students to embrace lifelong learning and be well-rounded and socially and emotionally healthy people."

Some participants are being asked to join a panel, which will be put together to offer a cross-section of the Queensland population.

The final strategy will be compiled in 2015, so make sure you take a look and make your own suggestions.

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