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Decorate Your Broadbeach Home for Christmas

By Larry Malan

The shops are already filled with Christmas items and that means it's well and truly time to start decorating your Broadbeach real estate for the festive season.

Whether you're a Christmas grinch or enthusiast, it can't hurt to put up a few baubles and trinkets to impress your guests!

Start with a colour scheme. Many traditionalists may feel most comfortable sticking with red, green, gold and silver, however if you want to splash out there are plenty of more vibrant options. Why not dress your tree in flowers for a summer theme? Or go for a sleek modern option with deep purple and silver.

If you do nothing else, make sure you've got a beautiful wreath on your door. You could make one yourself out of twine and wire, sprinkling sparkles and baubles throughout, or buy a lush version made from real pine needles.

Finally, remember the impact that fairy lights can have both indoors and outdoors. A string wrapped around your tree, adorning a living room wall or cascading across an outdoor balcony can instantly lift a property and give it that wow factor. It's almost impossible not to feel festive when you're surrounded by twinkling lights!

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