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Real estate in Mermaid Waters

Next to the Gold Coast Highway, among the copious rivers, canals and lakes that Australia’s famous beachside city is known for, lies the suburb of Mermaid Waters. But unlike its namesake, there’s nothing mythical about the opportunities for buying prime real estate in Mermaid Waters.

If you’re not a water baby, the sunny shores and interlocking water bodies of Mermaid Waters will see to it that it’s not long before you’re diving, swimming and surfing with the rest of this lovely community.

Who owns property in Mermaid Waters?

Despite what its name might imply, none of the residents of Mermaid Waters have gills or a fish tail for legs. Rather, they’re the same decent, hard-working Australians that makes the Gold Coast such a vibrant and welcoming community.

You’ll find a strong family presence in the neighbourhood when you move into a residential or rental property in Mermaid Waters. It’s easy to see why. With its beautiful beach and the shimmering water bodies laced throughout the streets, when your kids grow up in Mermaid Waters, they’ll get the outdoor education they need to become well-rounded individuals later in life.

There’s plenty of opportunities for education in terms of schooling, too. The local kindergarten will take care of your little ones, and when they get older, they can walk every day to the local Merrimac High School.

Factor in a local pizza place, an early learning centre and mini-golf, and you have to ask yourself: What kid wouldn’t want to grow up in a property in Mermaid Waters?

How about the sights?

Don’t think for a second that it’s all child’s play. Mermaid Waters has plenty to offer for adults, too. The shining jewel of Mermaid Waters, of course, is Mermaid Beach – one of the Gold Coast’s most spectacular beaches. If you love the surf and sand but want to get away from the teeming crowds of Gold Coast’s other beaches from time to time, Mermaid Beach is a top choice.

When you’re done lounging on its golden shore, there’s always the option of taking a stroll down Hedges Avenue and admiring the most expensive properties on the Gold Coast.

Don’t forget, too, that the Gold Coast city centre is only a stone’s throw away. There you can take advantage of the seemingly endless barrage of events taking place throughout the year, from music festivals to the annual marathon.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, finding a top real estate agent in Mermaid Waters isn’t hard. Just give Ray White Broadbeach a call.