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Gema Jackson

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Your property sale or acquisition is one of the most important decisions at any stage of life. It can be an exciting, confusing and stressful time, to say the least, but having the home, or investment, you want is also one of the best feelings and can make your day to day life so much sweeter. Having been though the whole process myself as both a buyer, seller and agent I understand the unique challenges that are faced during that transitional time from all perspectives.

It is vital, when considering the options available, to have someone on your team who is completely in your corner; giving you the most accurate information to make educated, informed choices. I pride myself on helping my clients navigate their property decisions by arming them consistently with thorough feedback from current buyers, recent data on the market and the strategic suggestions they need to make the next correct move for them.

Each homeowner has their own intentions, wishes and hopes for their home and no one will understand the importance of this more than them. Respecting this, I work from the same side of the table, offering relevant information to get them moving towards their preferred end destination. Whether that is weighing up the decision to hold forever, sell soon or during their actual campaign. My clients all have their own unique experiences and knowledge from past property transactions, so my intention is to add to that experience by offering level-headed, empathetic suggestions based on real time, specific data and feedback coupled with my professional expertise.

My ultimate goal is my clients’ peace of mind; so they can relax in the knowledge that everything in their power has been done to achieve the best result - The Best Price & The Best Terms.

One way I offer an exceptional high level of service is by purposefully limiting the number of listings that I take on at any one time so that I can be present for my clients and their buyers. A property campaign can change and modify quickly on a daily basis. It is subject to both intrinsic and extrinsic forces. Keeping track of the temperature of the campaign each and every day takes time. Because I have more time to dedicate to each property, I can respond quicker to challenges and identify and capitalise more rapidly on positives. The result is properties sell quicker, for more money, under better terms and the end transition runs as smooth as possible for both the buyer and seller.

Specialising in Mermaid Waters enables me to know this suburb’s market intimately. Understanding the unique circumstances behind each recent sale in the local area is crucial. It gives my clients and their buyers an accurate account of the recent sales in the local area. This insight is powerful during negotiations when buyers are comparing competing properties on the market and recent sale prices. Being in one suburb also allows me to form deeper relationships with buyers who are specifically seeking something in the area. They may have missed out on other properties, are still eager to purchase and prepared to pay a premium; this is information that I may not know had I not been dealing with them for many months. Two of my most recent sales have been direct from the database I diligently have kept in contact with. For buyers new to the area; I know the neighbourhoods well and can offer them assurance that this is the best suburb to live on the coast! I live locally, so know this is true, and I am always just around the corner to open a property or attend to any issues as required.

I keep a watchful eye on the real time data, both on the Australian economy and property market as a whole, the Gold Coast and Mermaid Waters I offer this to all of my clients whether they are looking to sell or not. As a homeowner myself it is invaluable to know what is going on with the property market at a macro and micro level. Property sits very deeply with all owners & buyers and I take this industry, and what a home means to people, very seriously.

My experience in property investment on the Gold Coast and my family’s history in residential property management gives me the depth of knowledge to speak to & understand what investors are looking for and how to help them negotiate the best solution to reach their financial goals. This may be encouraging them to look at a client’s property from a different point of view where they can financially capitalise; or helping them restructure their finance so they can afford to pay more.

In my former professional life, I was an Interior Designer here on the coast specialising in residential renovations. This knowledge of building construction and renovation processes allows me to help my clients evaluate, in an affordable and practical sense, what might need to be done to prepare a home for sale. During a campaign, I also have the expertise to get buyers excited about what can be done to make my client’s house their home.

Your home is your sanctuary and it should always reflect the way you want to live and entertain at any phase of you and your families’ lives. Often, we are faced with the confusing choice of whether sell, hold or just to keep an eye on the market. Speaking with me could give you a unique perspective which could help you dissolve this confusion. I have helped many clients negotiate this tough life choice to suit them best.

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