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About Us

Our Culture

our team

Principal Larry Malan has selected and nurtured an exceptional team, seeking out a truly special calibre of individual who shares his passion for real estate and a genuine empathy with clients. Our team is our company and our family. We understand the value of ongoing training to ensure our staff are at their best, and we constantly monitor their approach and their own personal satisfaction within their role. Our team ranges from the young and dynamic to the industry`s most established and respected agents, all of whom radiate an energy and enthusiasm for their clients and their job.

our business

We want our clients to be proud of their choice of real estate agent. We want them to feel empowered and intelligent in their decision to use us to realise their property goals. Every element of our operations comes back to our clients – what`s best for them, how we can achieve better prices for them and how we can make their real estate experience more enjoyable. We are constantly investing in our people, technology, marketing, compliance and processes. As market leaders, we are always challenging the status quo, not because we like to be different, but because we strive to be better.

our culture

We set out to create an environment of play because we firmly believe that people perform better when they work within an environment that they truly enjoy. Our people honestly love what they do, they have fun doing it, and they love achieving results that exceed market expectations. This is not to say that we don`t take our business extremely seriously – we are handling our clients` most valuable assets and we add real value in achieving the premium prices they expect and deserve. We know the impact that thoughtful gestures can have, small or large, and with this in mind we always set out to make a real difference in our clients` day! Going beyond the call of duty or simply stopping to consider the other point of view, our team is empathetic, passionate and conducts business in a way that benefits all. We are very conscious of being in the moment.

our service

The single question our team most frequently asks is “What level of service can we provide that other agencies will not?”, which provides the underlying basis for every decision we make. We seek the optimum outcome in everything we do, hence innovation is paramount. We do what it takes to get you the premium price, not just merely secure a sale. We`re interested in building relationships – our clients are not simply transactions. We would like to earn your trust, through exceptional service just like your Doctor or Solicitor and in time become your agency of choice.

our future

Our future as market leaders is in the hands of the people we serve. It is our intention, indeed our mission to be the best at what we do. We want our clients to feel confident that we will help them realise their property goals using skill, marketing and technology. Every element of our operation comes back to our clients – what`s best for them, how we can achieve the best prices in the market and make their Real Estate experience more enjoyable.