What’s happening in your garage?

By Larry Malan

With the Castrol Gold Coast 600 just a few weeks away, there are probably a lot of Aussie blokes (and ladies) spending a bit more time in the garage than usual. For those with a mechanical bent, the garage is one of the first things to look at when buying real estate in Broadbeach. However, for most of us, the garage can be an afterthought, used for storage, parking and not much else. Here are some tips to help you maximise the use of your garage.

Floor coverings

There are several options; plain concrete, epoxy, paint, modular tiles, garage carpeting and so on. Carpet or carpet tiles specifically made for heavy-duty use can enhance the appeal of the garage, as well as make it more comfortable, while being durable enough to take the weight of a car. Epoxy and paint are two very different things – make sure you have the right one for what you want. Epoxy is generally tougher.


Do you have piles of stuff stopping you from using your garage? If it's in the budget, line the walls with cupboards (leave space for a bench though!), this will free up a lot of floor space. Otherwise, pegboard, hooks, shelves, and tool chests on wheels all make great storage options.


Make sure you have enough natural and/or artificial light so that you can use your garage whenever you need. Fluorescent tube lights are great for shedding vast amounts of light, and a lamp or spotlight is a must-have.

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