Waste management takes centre stage in the Gold Coast

By Larry Malan

The environment is high on the list of concerns for many property buyers, which is why real estate agents in Mermaid Waters could soon see the area's popularity surge.

The City of Gold Coast has revealed it's putting a greater emphasis on recycling in the region, making the area much more environmentally friendly for future generations.

A draft Solid Waste Strategy 2014-2023 has been put together and identifies several areas where waste management can be improved.

More options for recycling will be made available in public areas, as well as major events and business premises to make it easier for people to participate.

"In just nine years, the city's population is expected to increase by around 60,000 households to some 669,000 residents," said Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate.

"Add an increasing number of visitors to the Gold Coast, and we'll have a lot of extra waste to deal with."

Mr Tate noted this is an issue that affects everyone, not least because it has the potential to save the community money while benefiting the environment in the process.

There's also the fact that visitors will appreciate the efforts that are being made, boosting the Gold Coast's profile even further.

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