Tourism plan to double visitor spending in the Gold Coast

By Larry Malan

It’s not as if Queensland’s Gold Coast needed any more reason for tourists to flock to it. Like all Australians – or people all over the world for that matter – you know what makes it such an exciting locale. Now, a new plan approved by the City of Gold Coast on 20 May is set to grow it by leaps and bounds as a tourism destination. It’s also likely to drive up prices for Gold Coast real estate.

The Destination Tourism Management Plan (DTMP) has a lofty goal in mind – it aims to double visitor spending by 2020. It would do this by funding a number of projects – a Gold Coast cultural precinct, Commonwealth Games infrastructure, mountain bike and adventure trails and a surf museum – and that’s not even the half of it.

“Our city’s tourism industry – the country’s fourth largest – is worth $4.6billion and sustains 30,000 jobs. The DTMP is about reinforcing this strong foundation, finding strength in collaboration with key stakeholders, developing new tourism experiences and sustaining our industry success,” said Mayor Tom Tate.

It’s exciting times for the city, though for anyone who lives here, it’s just another day in the office. If you’re a budding investor, the Gold Coast region is the place to start looking. putting your money in the Gold Coast has a high possibility of getting you a good return.

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