Schoolies on the Gold Coast

By Amanda Shannon

Apartments and houses for rent in the Gold Coast will be hot property in the coming weeks as the traditional schoolies takes place across the south east.

Queensland Ambulance Service operations supervisor Cary Strong advised those attending that they should take care of themselves and their friends.

"So no matter where you are, what community you are partying and celebrating in, it's that same message of safety.

"Respect yourself; respect the community and the community people that you're actually there as part of and just behave yourself," he said.

Lifesavers have also implored the partying public to take care in the surf, listing some advice on how to stay safe.

Measures the public should take on the beach mean staying between the flags, taking precautions when it comes to sun safety, and to think and not panic if caught in a rip.

Other safety measures while on schoolies include wearing life jackets while boating and to keep an eye out for each other.

Visit for information and advice about how you can enjoy schoolies in a safe and responsible manner over the coming weeks.

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