Rising Sales Profits Across Real Estate Market

By Larry Malan

Anyone interested in selling their Gold Coast property will be glad to hear about the latest RP Data Pain and Gain report, which highlights the growth in profit from property sales across the nation.

The report found the number of sellers earning a profit from their real estate sales increased during the September quarter, which could be great news for anyone considering selling their home in the near future.

There were 69,949 residential property sales made during this period, with 11.1 per cent recording a loss from the original purchase price. Conversely, 88.9 per cent of those properties sold earned a profit.

Overall, the amount of losses across the nation has totalled $488.1 million, while the gross profits made during the period rose to a huge $12.6 billion. Furthermore, 30.5 per cent of all homes sold managed to make over 100 per cent above the original purchase price.

Now could be the perfect time to consider selling your residential property in the Gold Coast, with these market conditions expected to continue well into the future. Coupled with the expected population growth within Queensland, it could be a fantastic opportunity.

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