Reduced inflation means low interest rates may continue

By Larry Malan

Home buyers who have yet to take a step onto the property ladder watch the cash rate like a hawk looking for mice. They don't quite know when they'll strike, but they're keeping one eye on the prey, ready to pounce when the moment is right. 

However, although the cash rate has been at a historic low for 15 months, there's been some uncertainty about how much longer this golden age of interest rates is set to last. While most industry experts predict it will go on until early next year at least, how much longer does this really mean? And how can it be ensured?

While nothing in life is guaranteed, the Housing Industry Association has recently noted that the annual inflation rate has dropped during the September quarter – a good indication that interest rates will continue to stay low for some time yet. Its key measures, measured at 2.5 and 2.6 per cent, were within the Reserve Bank of Australia's inflation target range. 

If you're still saving up a deposit for residential property on the Gold Coast, it seems you'll still have a bit more time to take advantage of record-low interest rates.

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