Queensland finance approvals grow by leaps and bounds

By Larry Malan

If you own some Broadbeach real estate, it's hard not to notice. You know what we're referring to: All of the properties popping up here and there around the greater Gold Coast area, filling up with eager families and friendly new home owners looking forward to enjoying the heavenly sunshine. 

Well, there's a reason that's all going on. No, not the beautiful sandy coast of Broadbeach that draws buyers in like flies to honey – though, of course, that plays a part, too. Rather, we're referring to the fact that Queensland has seen a huge increase in finance approvals over the year – the highest number, in fact, out of all of the states. 

Approvals rose by 0.3 per cent over August, putting their total yearly increase to 5 per cent. Much of this has been driven by finance for new dwellings. 

Not only that, but Queensland's building approvals are also up for the year, in this case by 13.2 per cent – an impressive number by any measure. 

What does this mean for those seeking property? Well, at its most basic, it shows the popularity of Queensland for home buyers – and with the Gold Coast being one of the most consistently popular spots for people to look at, it's not surprising if much of this activity makes its way to these sunny shores.

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