QLD Treasurer Unveils New Grant

By Amanda Shannon

First home buyers of Broadbeach real estate could be entitled to the recently launched $15,000 Great Start Grant from the Queensland government.

State treasurer Tim Nicholls visited Stockland's Bells Reach community in Caloundra to promote the new agenda, with an advertising campaign coinciding with the visit.

To be eligible, first time buyers must build or buy a new property, whether it is a house, townhouse, apartment or unit – they will receive the $15,000 payment upon completion of the project or the first draw-down of funds.

Mr Nicholls said that this grant will see more Queenslanders enter real estate, in addition to boosting the state's construction industry. He cited the fact that the construction sector is worth more than $60 billion to the state economy and employs 230,000 people.

He explained: "Knowing there is a $15,000 grant available will encourage more Queenslanders to buy new, rather than old.

"This is particularly important in regional resource communities where there is a real shortage of affordable housing."

The grant will not be repealed, the treasurer added.

The website for the grant will be launched this weekend, with the treasurer urging potential eligible candidates to visit

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