Puppetry show perfectly fills the school holidays

By Larry Malan

We all love our kids. But let's be honest – having a place they can go to for six hours a day during the week is a blessing. You don't have to pay anyone to look after them, and you don't have to entertain them – you know they'll be safe and sound in school, ready to be picked up when you're done with work.

And if you're a stay-at-home parent, all the better – you can get to work on those household tasks without getting constantly distracted. 

But when the school holidays roll around, the spell is broken. Suddenly you've got to find some kind of entertainment for the kids, and you've been too busy to think of anything. 

Well, that's only if you don't happen to own a piece of Gold Coast real estate. Gold Coast residents are in luck however – they can simply send their kids to the Queensland Theatre of Puppetry's Alice in Wonderland production playing from Monday 30 June to Friday 11 July. 

All of the classic characters are there on a colourful set, complete with talking flowers and secret passages. It promises to be quite a show, with shadow puppets and UV lighting evoking the mind bending images envisaged by Lewis Carroll. It's perfect for any kids between 5 and 12. 

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