Prepare Your Home for Summer

By Larry Malan

Summer in Broadbeach is a wonderful time of year. Occupants of Gold Coast property are in prime location to enjoy the plethora of beach activities the area has to offer, but it's good to make sure your home is in top shape before you rush off to catch a wave.

The hot weather over the summer period means you're more likely to be opening windows and doors to cool your home down. Using fresh air is a more cost effective and energy efficient option than fans or air conditioners, but it may leave your home more vulnerable to crime.

Consider installing home alarms or lockable screen doors if you plan on leaving areas of your property unattended.

If you do use air conditioners or fans, give them a good dusting and thorough check-up before you use them. Remember to replace air conditioner filters while you're at it.

Don't neglect the gardens when you're doing your spring clean. Gold Coast real estate can look especially fantastic it's well maintained, so mow your lawns, plant some fresh flowers and consider setting up a herb and vege garden to really make the most of the warm weather.

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