Live in Broadbeach and Protect Your Health

By Larry Malan

Broadbeach is known as a warm beachside spot loved by tourists and residents alike. But buyers looking at houses for sale in Broadbeach may not be aware that living in the sunny suburb may have hidden health benefits.

With a long term average temperature of almost 27 degrees, you're guaranteed sunshine when you live in Broadbeach. Exposure to this sunshine does more than simply boost your mood – it may help you live longer.

A University of Edinburgh study has found that exposing skin to sunlight can fight a myriad of health problems, from high blood pressure to risks of heart attack and stroke. This may help prolong your life expectancy.

The warm weather in Broadbeach also brings with it greater opportunities to exercise in the  outdoors. Working out outside has been found to have a broad range of health benefits, including boosting your mental health.

You could try beach running to kick start your morning, or get paddle boarding or surfing lessons from a local instructor at Kurrawa Beach. Soak up the sunshine for bone-strengthening vitamin D, and you'll find yourself happier and healthier in no time.

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