Increased Support For Small Business in the Gold Coast

By Larry Malan

In a good turn of events for the owners of Gold Coast property, Mayor Tom Tate is determined to create 10,000 new jobs for local residents by providing businesses in the area with resources on how to survive and proposer in the digital age.

This could spell good news for Gold Coast real estate owners, as more jobs could lead to a higher demand for rental properties in the region. 

The Digital Enterprise Program (DEP) will comprise of a number of short courses and mentoring sessions, designed to help local business get the most out of their online services. 

"To survive and succeed in the digital age, every business needs the right skills and this program will help position the Gold Coast as a leading digital economy," said Mr Tate in a February 17 statement. 

"By building more successful businesses, we're aiming to create more jobs as well. This program will certainly give Gold Coast companies an edge when it comes to doing business in the digital environment." 

This could be great news for the local area. A strong economy is essential for future development and embracing new technology will help to ensure that Gold Coast businesses remain competitive and in strong positions to continue growing in the future. 

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