High tourism lifts Queensland’s economy

By Larry Malan

It's not a controversial statement: Queensland is one of the most desirable states in the country for tourism. And as owners of Gold Coast real estate know, a lot of this can be chalked up to the Gold Coast and Broadbeach areas, with their glittering waters, sparkling sands and never-ending nightlife. 

The results of a recent report on the state's tourism sector is only further evidence of this. Queensland's economy and employment prospects have been buoyed over the last three years by growing tourism numbers, according to a report card from the third DestinationQ forum. 

According to Premier Newman Campbell, tourism has helped create 27,000 new jobs and injected $3.5 billion into the state economy, making it even more desirable to live in the Sunshine State. These figures are no doubt in large part thanks to tourists flocking to see for themselves the golden shores of the Gold Coast and feel its salty ocean lapping at their toes. 

What these numbers tell us is that the Gold Coast and Broadbeach aren't just fantastic areas because of their natural beauty, but are also attractive for residents due to the economic benefits of living in areas with high tourism numbers. 

It may be the push you need to start looking at houses for sale on the Gold Coast.

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