Gold Coast Property Rates Kept to a Minimum

By Amanda Shannon

The Gold Coast City Council has announced its new budget for this year, and it includes some points that may be of interest to owners of residential property in the Gold Coast.

The $1.1 billion city budget will help to keep property rates as low as possible, which is good news for those that own and live in Gold Coast property.

"This budget strikes the right balance between today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities," said Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate.

Mr Tate stated that wasteful spending has been kept to a minimum in the new budget, which will help to keep rates down for property owners in the city.

"The new efficiencies we have established mean the city will continue to enjoy the services it expects at a price ratepayers can afford," he said.

The average ratepayer will be paying an extra $1.45 per week, while those on the minimum general rate will only be paying $1.16 per week.

An extra 2,200 properties have been included into the rate system, which may be an indication that the city is continuing to expand.

On top of this, the Broadbeach Alliance have been allocated $2.1 million to help promote tourism in the city – which may be good news for those who own short term rental apartments in Broadbeach.

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