Gold Coast property owners to see reduced fares

By Larry Malan

Public transportation is often the responsible choice, for both the planet and your finances. But if you work outside of where you call home, it can often feel easier to just hop in the car and drive to your destination, especially if you’re not saving a lot.

For those residing in houses and apartments in Broadbeach, however, this will no longer be the case thanks to some significant price drops for public transportation. Queensland will see a state-wide reduction to public transport fares as a result of a two-week survey showing the public’s appetite for cheaper costs.

This is tipped to reduce the price burden for those who live in the Gold Coast but work outside the city.

“What this means is that a mum or dad travelling to work in the Brisbane CBD from the Gold Coast will save more than $297 per year,” Premier Campbell Newman explained in a September 21 release.

As part of the survey that led to these results, almost 22,000 people around the state made their views known, with 74 per cent voting for cheaper fares.

It seems living in the Gold Coast just got even more desirable.

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