Gold Coast property owners entitled to grants after floods

By Amanda Shannon

Those who own Gold Coast property that has been affected by the recent storms and rain may need to know they are eligible for government aid.

The Personal Hardship Assistance Scheme (PHAS) will provide up to $180 per person and $900 for eligible families who are "experiencing genuine hardship".

These funds will be able to cover essentials like food, clothing and accommodation which will be needed due to sudden evacuations.

Communities minister Tracy Davis said there are additional funds available to affected households.

She commented: "Essential Household Contents Grants may be available to low-income families to help with the replacement or repair of uninsured, essential household contents which have been lost, damaged or destroyed by the storm.

"Additionally, owners of houses that have sustained structural damage and who are not insured may be eligible to receive a Structural Assistance Grant of up to $14,685 per household."

Low-income earners may also be entitled to the Essential Services Safety Reconnection Scheme (ESSRS).

The ESSRS grant will be issued in two stages, the first being $200 earmarked for a safety inspection for utilities such as electricity, gas and water. The second is $4,200 and is reserved for repair works including electrical rewiring.

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