Gold Coast council showcases new logo

By Amanda Shannon

Those who own Gold Coast property are now living in a revitalised area as a result of rebranding by the Gold Coast City Council.

Mayor Tom Tate unveiled the logo "Gold Coast." at a media event yesterday, acknoledging that while he is aware that a city does not consist of a logo, a logo aids in promoting the city and what it stands for.

He explained: "Our new city brand is about more than just a new logo.

"It's about creating a consistent Gold Coast City identity that we use locally, nationally and internationally. We are on the threshold of a period of immense transformation, where we will see our city finally come of age."

Mr Tate said this approach is designed to communicate to people that the city is a vibrant place that offers "opportunity and lifestyle".

He added that the new City Plan consists of three themes, which include the best place to live and visit, a dynamic city of prosperity, and people contributing to a strong community spirit.

With the brand covering a number of areas, such as the council and tourism board, Mr Tate said that it will strengthen the reputation of the Gold Coast.

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