Fun family festivals coming up in Broadbeach

By Amanda Shannon

If you're looking for some activities on the Gold Coast then it's lucky that Broadbeach is a place where entertainment is available in spades.

Given that December is only a few months away, why not make a note in your calendar to attend the Broadbeach Christmas carols? With live entertainment and fireworks, all for free, it's something you'll want to take the whole family to.

The country music festival which is coming to Broadbeach next year features local and international artists who bring new meaning to the genre. This entirely free event is a perfect excuse to dust off the old cowboy hat.

Jazz festivals always bring out the fun and eccentricities of the community and something you won't want to miss when it comes around next year. The sound of saxophones and trumpets playing in harmony with the ocean waves of Broadbeach will be something to behold. Both festivals are completely free so there's no reason why you can't get out there in Broadbeach and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Visit to get all the details about the upcoming events which make Broadbeach so special.

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