Faster Construction of Gold Coast Property Encouraged by Red Tape Reductions

By Larry Malan

Restrictions across the Australian housing construction industry have hindered the development of the sector, however this could be set to change after a new announcement.

In a March 19 statement, the federal government announced it will reduce the amount of red tape in the building and construction industry in order to boost productivity, create jobs and raise housing supply.

In turn, this will have an effect on anyone buying Gold Coast property in the near future, as prices may come down once more stock hits the market. 

Chief Executive Officer of Master Builders Australia Wilhelm Harnisch said the construction industry in Australia was the nation's third largest employer, yet is considered to be the most heavily regulated sector in the country. 

"Cutting red tape will boost the productivity of the industry allowing it to generate more jobs and provide better value to consumers," said Mr Harnisch in a March 19 statement. 

"Red tape may sound mundane until you connect it with business people spending hours grappling with excessive paperwork instead of directing their energies to the productivity of their businesses and creating new jobs."

With opportunities for easier and faster access to the construction industry in the coming months, now could be a great time to consider building or buying new Broadbeach real estate

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