Country Music Festival galloping toward Broadbeach

By Larry Malan

Pick up your cowboy hat and get your boots on – and don't forget to attach those spurs! While you're at it, dust off that guitar too, and get ready for a fireside singalong.

Yes, of course Halloween is months away. But if you're the proud owner of Broadbeach real estate, you're not going to want to look out of place when the Broadbeach Country Music Festival lands on your sunny shores this 20 June.

Apartments in Broadbeach are set to get a heart-stopping, foot-stomping, dosey-doing injection of honky-tonk when the biggest talent in Australia's country music scene play for three days and nights. How could it get better than this? Maybe the fact that it's all absolutely free. 

Broadbeachers will be able to catch a variety of performers in both indoor and outdoor venues – so you can soak up a little bit of sun while you enjoy the tunes. Among the more than 30 artists playing in this year's festival are 2014 Golden Guitar winner Pete Denahy, the Viper Creek Band, Ashleigh Dallas and 25-time Golden Guitar winner Troy Cassar-Daley. 

The festival will run until 22 June, by which time Broadbeachers will likely find many more events to occupy their time with. 

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