Celtic supergroup rocks Broadbeach

By Larry Malan

If you know anything about Australia, you know that our country and Ireland are practically cousins – siblings, even. The Emerald Isle has deep ties to Australia, which has long welcomed Irish countrymen to its glimmering shores. Australia was built by the Irish, and now, it's being entertained by them. 

Jupiters Casino at Broadbeach isn't just a place to have a crazy night of fun and debauchery. It's also a prime piece of Broadbeach real estate for its entertainment value, something which locals experienced firsthand when internationally acclaimed supergroup Celtic Thunder rocked the local audience on 24 May with their 'Mythology' show. 

In a May 26 article Kathy Sunderstorm of the Sunshine Coast Daily described the event as "an evening of raw musical talent that has been finely honed to be the best it can be". According to Ms Sunderstorm, the Aria chart-toppers played a show which kept a focus on the group's amazing musicianship, and that of their backing ensemble, while leaving the glitter and special effects at the door. 

Something's always happening in Broadbeach, whether it's six-piece Celtic singing groups or not. No wonder apartments in Broadbeach are being snapped up

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