Broadwater Parklands ushers in spring with family fun

By Georgie Ziedan

Family fun is the main objective of the third annual Bring on Spring celebration at Broadwater Parklands, which is set to run for the entire month of September.

The month-long festival offers Gold Coast property dwellers and visitors alike the chance to enjoy the sunny weather while taking in local entertainment.

According to Division 6 councillor Dawn Critchlow, there is "something for everyone" at the September event – from a 'Be the Voice' singing competition to concerts, a roller skate night and skateboarding demonstrations.

"The Broadwater Parklands is the perfect spot for this type of festival," said Cr Critchlow. "You've got the water, the pavilion and a vast lawn area for people to relax and enjoy. No wonder the Broadwater Parklands is one of the most popular open spaces for these types of events in south-east Queensland."

Broadwater Parklands encompasses a three-kilometre stretch of foreshore and boasts views of Surfers Paradise. Visitors here can take advantage of 2.8 hectares of open space for sporting activities, as well as facilities for swimming, fishing, picnics and BBQs.

All year-round, Gold Coast residents with young children can join in the Original Stroller Group at Broadwater Parklands, which is open to all local mums at a cost of $5 on Thursday and Friday mornings.

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