Boat show wows Gold Coast residents

By Larry Malan

When you live in Broadbeach, you’re so spoilt for choice it’s almost unfair. In what other place can you soak in the sun while literally soaking in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean? Where else are you inundated with a barrage of fun events to occupy your nights? Residents of Broadbeach are so busy having the time of their lives it’s a surprise they manage to get anything done.

Take for instance the International Boat Show which took place in Marine Village at nearby Sanctuary Cove on 25 May. Those residing in Broadbeach real estate will want to check it out when it returns next year, in what will be its 27th go around. By all accounts it was a resounding success – “one of the best”, according to The show brought in $30 million over four days, and saw a 15 per cent increase in visitors on last year.

With all the latest in nautical technology on display from its 300 exhibitors and 500 boats – from super yachts to trailerable boats and ski boats – it’s no wonder the event attracts such a range of onlookers, from boat builders and designers to the plain old curious public looking for a fun day out.

Events like this are why many are looking at apartments for sale on the Gold Coast – you should consider doing so yourself.

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